LifeLines: Aileen’s story about her mom’s tragic accident at the border


Aileen’s selfie with flowers

When Aileen was little, she and her mother were walking toward the U.S./Mexico border to cross over and visit the rest of their family, something that they did frequently.  But that day would prove to be a tragic one in little Aileen’s life, because a motorist ran her mother over, and her mother saved Aileen’s life.  In her story, Aileen identifies with Kimberly from Life on the Line because Aileen tries her best to be helpful to her mother — both girls have more responsibility at home than most children do.

This story was produced by Aileen and Fine Line Films with Las Latinitas of El Paso.

Las Latinitas



Las Latinitas girls snapping photos

Las Latinitas girls snapping photos (Aileen, Elaine, Yesenia, and Roxy)