Sally Rubin (left), Jen Gilomen (right)

Sally Rubin (left), Jen Gilomen (right)

Jen Gilomen, Co-Director and Cinematographer, and Sally Rubin, Co-Director and Editor, are a lean filmmaking team. After working on numerous documentary and new media projects separately, they completed their first nationally-distributed documentary, “Deep Down,” in 2010.  “Deep Down” was broadcast nationally on the PBS Series Independent Lens, screened in over 200 communities via ITVS’s Community Cinema program and other festivals, is distributed by ITVS and New Day Films, and participated in the U.S. State Department’s American Documentary Showcase program, reaching audiences from Kentucky to Belarus. “Deep Down” was a transmedia project employing deep online engagement strategies that included the Virtual Mine, an interactive virtual reality game funded by ITVS and MacArthur Foundation. “Deep Down” and the Virtual Mine garnered an Emmy nomination in the category of New Approaches to News and Documentary in 2011.


Jen Gilomen is Programming & Production Manager at Independent Television Service (ITVS). Formerly, she was Director of Independent Media at the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), where she led BAVC’s programs for documentary storytellers and trans-media artists, including a year-round fellowship program called MediaMaker, the Producers Institute for New Media Technologies, and SF Commons, San Francisco’s innovative public access television station and associated community media and journalism programs.


Sally Rubin is a freelance editor and as a full-time professor at Chapman University, where she co-runs the documentary film program.  Rubin has directed several documentaries for PBS broadcast including “The Last Mountain” (Mill Valley Film Festival, Angelus Awards Finalist) and a portrait piece about filmmaker David Sutherland. She has edited multiple award-winning documentaries, including Robert Greenwald’s Iraq for Sale and “The Freedom Files” and the PBS documentary “Riverwebs,” and associate produced David Sutherland’s “Country Boys” (Frontline) and Janet Cole and Jamie Stobie’s “Freedom Machines” (POV).

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